Ansible 234

Here’s the January 2007 issue.

3 Responses to “Ansible 234”

  1. Though Thog’s Master Class is really supposed to be for lines in published books, I can’t resist sharing this line that came in a threatening letter from a journalist who used to be CNN’s political director: “You may have balls, Kathryn but I assure you they are brainless at this moment.”

    Pure Thog’s Masterclass. Now if dearest Christine will just forsake journalistic pursuits to write a novel . . .

  2. Good heavens, the first real comment! Thanks, Kathryn, and welcome.

    I have a file of material that doesn’t quite meet Thog’s criteria. Greg Frost sent this quote from an article on overrated books of the year: “[H]e was so nervous that he was a bundle of nerves.” (Mihir Bose, Bollywood) Clumsy, yes, but non-genre authors must commit funnier gaffes than that to make it into the Masterclass.