Ansible 239, June 2007

In this issue, I completely fail to note the important anniversary which is almost upon us. The sixth of June is … Bush Custard Day. Rejoice, rejoice!

7 Responses to “Ansible 239, June 2007”

  1. ajay says:

    OK, what is Bush Custard Day? Google knows nothing…

  2. I thought no one was going to ask. Here’s the context, scanned directly from the source …

    Just then the gong sounded for tea, and Lady Lionease led them out on to the terrace where a sort of yellow bush, which dripped a little, was set in a big brass bowl in the middle of the table. There were spoons and chairs for everybody, but nothing else.

    “Ah, today is Bush Custard Day,” said Lady Lionease happily. “I have a different dish each afternoon — each called after some event in the careers of my distinguished ancestors. Now today is the sixth of June, and on the sixth day of June 1547 Sir Leo Lionease was being chased by rebels. Calling at a solitary cottage and asking for food, he was informed that there was nothing in the house but Bush Custard. He partook of this and afterwards defeated the rebels. Bush Custard is made by dipping a small bush into a vat of custard and then letting it dry, dipping it again until the whole bush takes the form of a custard mould. All you need is a spoon.”

  3. A.B.Leal says:

    The source being, presumably, this:

    J.P. (John Percival) Martin (1879-1966) was an English author best known for his Uncle series of children’s stories.

    Today, Google favors (“do you mean”) a putative Lady Lonaeus over Lady Lionease, apparently by 6 to 3 page hits. Manifestly unfair, since the former is just is a figment of their algorithms – the words are not adjacent in the pages found.

  4. Ah, we have a winner! Yes, it’s from J.P. Martin’s Uncle and the Treacle Trouble (1967). I’d been expecting Diane Duane to pop up and make this identification.

  5. Erland says:

    Don’t really know what this page is about, however the putative Lady Lonaeus is probably closely related to me. So, just for fun I can confirm they know very little of “Bush Custard Day”, and are in this context real only in the algorithmical sense cited above. To comfort all, they are alive and well in real life… 🙂 Today Google favors these pages.

  6. Erland says:

    …and just to add a small twist, all of them are Swedes, and Swedens national day happens to be…… June 6th.