SFX 161 column

“Have You Ever Kippled?”

The Christmas 2007 issue has arrived (SFX 164), which is the signal for me to post the above and also to emit a heartfelt groan at the discovery that I typed Amphigorey Also when I meant Amphigorey Again. More here.

Later: I forgot to upload my two reviews from the same issue.

Does anyone know what causes the phantom comments to postings here? “1 Comment” all too often means no comment. I can’t delete them because, logically enough, the wretched software reports there’s nothing to delete.

2 Responses to “SFX 161 column”

  1. I wonder if it’s something to do with the spam filter? If it works by retrospectively killing comment spam, it’s possible that it clears out the spam comment, but doesn’t reset the comment count. Or something.