SFX 168 column

“Rotten Apple”.

3 Responses to “SFX 168 column”

  1. Todd Mason says:

    The notion that MISSION OF GRAVITY was denied the award by this widely reviled novel is pretty croggling in restrospect…Heinlien’s THE STAR BEAST, a juvenile that had been serialized in F&SF as STAR LUMMOX and about as sophisticated as that title implies, would only have been an award-winner under the same sort of We Want to Give Him, Rather Than the Work in Question, The Award spirit that RIGHT apparently benefitted from. But the Clement was probably his most important novel, and a benchmark for the field in a way that none of the others cited, except LORD OF THE FLIES, could be said to be…and Golding, of course, would be recognized outside the Church of SF in a way Clement would not. Ah, well…perhaps the Hugo helped Clifton keep going a little longer, even if he was bitterly disillusioned about sf people by his end.

  2. I can’t disagree with any of that. I suspect that Lord of the Flies wasn’t really considered as a contender owing to its lack of overt sf trappings.